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The Restaurant




Our History

The Bosketto restaurant is located in the centre of Treviso, alongside the historical walls of the town. It lies on the banks of the river Sile and takes its name from the willow trees that punctuate the area, slopping down toward the restaurant.
The river, trees and plants all form parts of the building construction from local materials, in keeping with its natural surroundings. Furthermore, the ‘vintage style’ chosen for the restaurant enables customers to feel at ease. The natural surroundings of the restaurant, its luscious green trees along with the ever-flowing river, add a lustre to the atmosphere.
The primary purpose of the Bosketto project, is to cook grilled meat IN THE HISTORICAL CENTRE OF TREVISO, with style and professionalism. The Bosketto project is dedicated to the careful selection of high quality cuts of meat, all from locally grown Veneto farms, preparing and serving them with the skills worthy of the very best that traditional Italian cuisine can offer.

Grilled Meat

The meat selected for use on the Argentinian charcoal comes exclusively from cattle bred on Veneto farms; on average for 200 days. They are then fed cereals also grown from our own Veneto region, which accounts for their wonderfully tender and tasty flavours.
The Scottona Charolaise, a truly French breed of cattle, genetically engineered to become among the most popular the world over, was specifically chosen for the Bosketto restaurant. The meat is allowed to mature for up to 30 days, allowing the tenderness and flavour to reach a level of the highest quality.
Fillet, ribs, hamburgers, Florentine chopped and served are just a fraction of the many delectable dishes that await you at our restaurant. We truly believe that you will find the experience unforgettable and uniquely mouth-watering.

The Restaurant

The restaurants kitchen, detached from both the barbecue/grill and pizzeria areas, traditionally prepares dishes daily, some of which are creatively redesigned by our experienced and versatile chef. Indeed, throughout the year, there are traditional and seasonal products which enhance the many dishes on display. At midday, the regular fixed-price business mans lunch is much appreciated by the local Trevisians, who frequently visit the restaurant during their lunch-breaks. Others simply find the exceptionally fast service and informal atmosphere, but with the added bonus of a restaurant style environment, most stimulating and refreshing. Come dinner time, the restaurants kitchen extends to include both a barbecue/grill area and a pizzeria section, serving an even wider range of culinary delights to please everyone’s taste buds.

La Pizza

Bosketto’s pizza is made from a unique recipe, fragrant and tasty, yet at the same time, light and easily digestible. The base is the product of carefully selected flours, mixed with a pinch of yeast. The dough is then left to rise over 24 hours, thus expanding the volume, producing a lighter, high quality pizza base. It is then garnished with only the finest quality ingredients. On first biting into the pizza, these delicious flavours are instantaneously released, resulting in an unforgettable experience in culinary delight.


For reservations 0422-582180
from 11:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00

The restaurant car park is FREE for paying customers only.
Customers arriving during dinner time may park in the adjacent Park Dal Negro.